Analytical Balance LINB-A21

Short Description

Analytical Balance is used for sample/standard preparation, formulation, differential weighing, density determination, interval weighing and pipette routine testing.


  • Highly integrated with weighing sensor
  • Designed with electromagnetic force weighing system
  • Stores database up to 99 recipes, each of which contains up to 20 ingredients
  • Large screen graphic display to operate easily and efficiently
  • Designed with large windshield glass cover with 3 sliding doors for easy operation of items to be weighed
  • Plastic protection keyboard

nalytical Balance LINB-A21 is a weighing balance with 82/220 g capacity and it has high type of integrated electromagnetic sensor. When the weight is 82 g or less than 82 g, the resolution is 0.01mg. When the weight between 82 g and 220 g, the resolution is 0.1 mg. Equipped with automatic internal calibration with high accuracy and high repeatability characteristics. Designed with large graphic display, which is convenient to operate.



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