Biosafety Cabinet Class II B2 LBS2-B20

Short Description
  • Designed with ULPA filter and UV indicator
  • Automatic air speed adjustable with filter block
  • Large digital display used to monitor exhaust filter and down flow filter pressure, filter and UV lamp working time, inflow and down flow velocity, filter life, humidity and temperature, system working time etc
  • Two layer laminated toughened glass >5 mm, anti UV
  • Universal caster with brake and levelling feet


Biosafety Cabinet Class II B2 LBS2-B20

Biosafety Cabinet Class II B2 LBS2-B20 is a Class II type B2 total exhaust cabinet with 420 mm (17 inch) maximum opening. It has ULPA Filter Two in number, 99.999 % efficient at 0.12 ┬Ám and offers two layer laminated toughened glass >5 mm. Designed with Large digital LCD display used to monitor all safety parameters and Universal caster for moving with brake and levelling feet. Work area surrounded by negative pressure and it can ensure maximum safety in work area.

  • Memory function in case of power-failure
  • Equipped with Interlock function, UV lamp, front window, fluorescent lamp
  • Designed with Remote control and Audio, visual alarm
  • Time reserve function
  • Motorized front window
  • Maximum safety in work area surrounded by negative pressure
  • Adjust front window height by foot during experiment, to avoid airflow turbulence caused by arm movement


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