Density Meter LLDM-A20

Short Description
  • Digital LCD display shows function concentration, density and BAUME
  • Measures density value of samples with temperature ranging from normal to 100℃
  • Convenient and accurate sample analysis
  • Shows percentage composition of mixed samples
  • Liquids are measured quickly and with accuracy
  • Equipped with function of solution compensation


Density Meter LLDM-A20 is a benchtop model with 0.0001—99.9999g/cm3 density measurement range. Offers three different modes of density measurement with accuracy. It is equipped with alarm rings to check whether the density is unqualified through the top and bottom limitation setting. Adopted with special covers like windproof and dustproof to make the unit convenient and durable. Unit holds special feature for solid mode like functioning of measuring DIN volume abrasion loss and expansibility of rubber, actual density and apparent density of powder, oil content of oil bearing, density of high density products etc. it adopts dynamic measurement for liquid mode.

  • Can set actual water temperature value
  • Function of setting aerostatic buoyancy and the bound of density
  • Adopts special high standard accessories like transparent injection mould tank (resist wear, fall off and corrosion)
  • Easy to clean unit, easy to handle, requires less time


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