Density Meter LLDM-B20

Short Description
  • Offers an unparallel accuracy in determining the density of various solid substances
  • Densities greater than 1 and less than 1 are precisely evaluated
  • Structured with an ultra-sensitive sensor that can even detect the slightest change in the density
  • Wide opening framework for an convenience in taking out the samples
  • Reduce the hassle of manual calculating and display the results fast and accurate
  • Smartly built to avoid the deviations in measuring due to different water temperatures
  • Efficiently uses water as a medium and the water tank comprise an inlet and outlet values
  • Integrated with RS-232C communication interface for transmission of data


Density Meter LLDM-B20 is a floor standing device that measures ultra-large and ultra-heavy earthen materials on a large scale. Designed with aluminum alloy to ensure durability and reliability of the meter. Equipped with a wide-open framework for conveniently taking out the samples. Integrated with a communication interface for ease of connecting to PC and a printer.


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